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Prestij Beach Cleaning Machines, Öz-Ak Prestij Machinery Industry Co site was established in 2008.

Our company is manufacturing in the country with a tractor pulled type of beach cleaning machine offers the service of Turkey and the world market.

Our product is Turkey's patented proprietary CE certificate and EN ISO 12100 certificates beach with beach sand is sifting cleaning machine. We only provide services in this area and we are working to clean beaches. Coastal pollution, corrosion, and our machines are designed to clean waste is to protect nature. Our company needs class 4 according to the model and the second in the world market has been replaced with additional mechanisms.

National and international reputation, our company has been recognized and is advancing to grow even more in the area. Hydromotors coast in Turkey, beach, sand, screening cleaning machines are the first and only company in Manavgat 't exporting Self-White Prestige, reliable and progressive continues to serve the building. Worldwide, more than 150 machines to make our process. This number is increasing day by day.

This presents us the trust and respect we give our regards to everyone.





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